Translation Services

WordsInAction Process

WordsInAction uses the TEP process for unrivaled accuracy and readability.


The TEP Process - Proven and Time-tested

We employ the three-step TEP process to produce exceptional translations that are always clear and accurate. After your text has been initially translated, it is edited by another translator and, finally, proofread. This three-step process ensures that we always meet our ongoing commitment to provide the highest level of quality control.


Our ATA certified translators will read your original text more carefully than anyone. He or she will identify sections or phrases that may be weak, unclear, or confusing, helping you to improve your original document. We will work with you to determine who your target audience is. We take care to ensure that your translation is appropriate by taking several factors into account, including the technical conventions, cultural norms, associations, and preferences of your target audience. This will usually require some deviation from the original text. We stay in communication with you throughout the translation process, to explain why such changes may be needed.


Two heads are better than one. Regardless of how proficient a translator is, there is no substitute for a fresh set of skilled eyes to elevate a translation to an even higher level. The editor for your project, also a certified professional translator, will ensure that style and terminology are consistent throughout the translated text. The editor will talk with the translator to resolve any questions about why the translator has translated a word or phrase in a particular way. Our editors ensure that the final translated document and source document are the same in terms of meaning, content, and accuracy, and that there are no omissions, grammatical errors or misspellings.


After translation and editing, your translation will be proofread to ensure that the text reads well and is free of formatting or other errors.