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Translation for Education

Our translators have an average of 20 years experience in translating education-based documents for the Spanish and Portuguese speaking communities in the United States, including Student/Parent Handbooks, Codes of Discipline, IEPs, Psycho-Educational Evaluations, Affidavits, Waivers, and more.

The Civil Rights Act of 1964, Title IV, Section 402, codifies the warning against “the lack of availability of equal educational opportunities for individuals by reason of race, color, religion, or national origin in public educational institutions at all levels in the United States.” The No Child Left Behind Act of 2001 amplifies these requirements by mandating outreach to LEP parents. Our translators know that this requires intimate knowledge of the culture from which the LEP parent comes, as well as the importance of translating materials using the correct register.

When it comes to translations for K-12 especially, the skills possessed by a veteran foreign language teacher, valuable as they may be, are not sufficient to match the complexities and difficulties involved in translating education-specific materials. Documents to be translated can range from simple news letters, brochures, and announcements to very specific, complex documents that may include legal, financial, medical, and obscure academic terminology. Knowledge of education-specific acronyms like ESOL, IEP, EIP, and CoGAT, to name a few, are essential. Terms like “scaffolding”, and “bridging”, when used in the context of Education, take on a unique meaning. Your project will be assigned to a translator who is a subject matter expert in the Education field.

The quality and reliability we provide has resulted in over 20 years of repeat business in translating education-specific materials.