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Medical Translation

We have been providing exceptional translations for the Healthcare community in the United States for over 20 years. We translate a wide range of Healthcare-related documents including Consent Forms, Patient Education Materials, Physicians and Hospital Guidelines, Workers Comp Claims, Clinical Trials, and Scientific Journals.

According to Henry Fischbach, former Director of the American Translators Association (ATA), a medical translator who translates medical documents for publication from English to another language has four primary duties.

1. He must understand the English thoroughly and request clarification from the client when he does not.

2. He must word his translation so as to trigger intrinsic, you might say isotonic, thought processes in the foreign reader and not be afraid to deviate from the original to achieve this end. For this, he needs the understanding and counsel of the client.

3. If necessary, he must change the original by selecting an entirely different imagery, coining different slogans, devising a different layout, adopting a different tone, making minor deletions or adding explanatory words – all of this and more, so that his copy will fit the different linguistic genius of the foreign language and the different cultural patterns of the foreign reader. This, however, should only be done with the client’s full knowledge.

4. He must exercise editorial judgment and refrain from translating anything that would be inappropriate, ludicrous, or accidentally obscene, and he must explain to the client why.

WordsInAction translators, editors, and proofreaders are dedicated to following these principles to ensure that every document that goes through our translation process will fulfill its purpose, be culturally correct, and comply with applicable regulatory requirements.