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Legal Translation


Legal Translation

WordsInAction provides translations of legal documents, taking special care to use the correct legal terminology in the target language (the language being translated into). We are experienced in translating all manner of Personal, Business, and Property & Finance legal documents. A sample of translated legal documents that we provide includes:

  • Personal documents such as Birth Certificate, Marriage License, Death Certificate, Last Will and Testament, Power of Attorney, Living Will, Living Trust, Prenuptial Agreement

  • Business documents including LLC Operating Agreement, Independent Contractor Agreement, Non-Disclosure Agreement, Release of Liability, Letter of Intent

  • Property & Finance documents including Bill of Sale, Lease Agreement, Eviction Notice, Loan Agreement, Quitclaim Deed

WordsInAction translators, editors, and proofreaders understand the culture of your target audience. They also understand the legal system of the country for which your translation is intended. We not only translate your legal documents from one language into another, but also from one legal system to another.